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Sorcery and Black Magic: Practical Manual of Occultism
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A Manual of Occultism by Sepharial (1910), Introduction

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No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. A manual of occultism by sepharial 1. A Manual of Occultism, by Sepharial. To Which is Appended an Essay on Alchemy. The ancient Hermetic philosophers were well aware of a certain subtile correspondence or analogyexisting between the superior and inferior worlds, the world of causation and that of effects.

They traceda connection between the noumenal and the phenomenal, between the mind of man and his bodilycondition, between the spiritual and the natural. They affirmed all this in a trite axiom: As above, sobelow. This philosophy extended to concrete observations, and became a science which they embodied inthe Doctrine of Correspondences.

The hieroglyphic writings of the Chinese, Egyptians and Assyrians arethe outcome of this science, portions of which are current in our own thought and language. Thus whenwe speak of commerce, the merchant and the market, we are going back to traditional knowledge whichassociated the "winged messenger" of the gods with the ship in full sail; the word merx trade being atthe root of the name Mercury, and the symbol the hieroglyph for all that the name imports.

We call theSun "he" and the Moon "she," tracing unconsciously a subtile correspondence between the day and theactive male function in nature, and between the night and the passive female function. We speak of jovialmen and infer their connection with the planet Jupiter; and all our destructive and hurtful ideas areembodied in such words as "to mar," "martial," "murder," etc. This Doctrine of Correspondences is at the root of all occult interpretation. It is our human presentationof the Universal Law which binds the Microcosm to the Macrocosm as an effect to its antecedent cause.

The mystic, the poet and the creative artist are all unconscious interpreters of this universal law. The sybil, the diviner and the seer are in even closer touch with the Great Life,while they have less conscious enjoyment of that intimacy. Others there are who reach to the heart ofthings by a clear and conscious intellection, understanding what they see, analyzing and interpreting whatthey feel. These are the Occultists, the true masters of the secret knowledge. Here it is perhaps necessaryto mark the distinction which exists between occultism and mediumism, between the voluntary consciouseffort of the trained intellect and the automatic functioning of the natural "sensitive," in their respectiverelations to the occult world.

The Occultist is one who intelligently and continuously applies himself to the understanding of thehidden forces in nature and to the laws of the interior world, to the end that he may consciously co-operate with nature and the spiritual intelligences in the production of effects of service to himself and tohis fellow-beings. This entails upon him a close study of the mystery and power of sound, number,colour, form; the psychological laws underlying all expression of faculty; the laws of sympathy andantipathy; the law of vibration; of spiritual and natural affinity; the law of periodicity, of cosmic energy,planetary action; occult correspondences, etc.

To these labours he must bring a natural gift ofunderstanding, an unusual degree of patience and devotion, and a keen perception of natural facts. TheMedium, or natural sensitive, is one who holds himself in negative relations to the interior worlds, andsubmits himself to the operation of influences proceeding from things and persons, as well as to that ofdiscarnate intelligences.

The medium cultivates an unusual degree of responsiveness to environment andto the emanations atomic, magnetic or psychic and suggestions of other persons. The phenomenadeveloped by this process of mediumism include automatism temporary loss of control over the motornerves , as in the phenomena of involuntary speech and automatic writing; hypercesthesia, as in thefunction of clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometry, etc. In itshighest manifestation, following upon the "crucifying of the flesh," the subjugation of the passions, and aprocess of intense religious aspiration, mediumism is frequently followed by spiritual revelation andspontaneous prophecy.

They are seen to employ theautomatic faculty in conjunction with an empirical knowledge of certain occult methods of interpretation. The following pages are intended to place the lay reader in possession of some of the principal methodsof the occultists and mediums; and although nothing of a purely esoteric nature is divulged, it willnevertheless be found that everything necessary to an initial understanding and practice of the variousoccult arts is included in this work.

Manual of Occultism

The Magi of ancient times were astrologers,diviners and prophets all, and he who would aspire to their high degree must pursue their methods andlive their life. Certainly it is the most ancient, and thatwhich most readily lends itself to scientific demonstration. Much that is contained in this and the following chapters is traditional knowledge but some portion of itis the result of modern discovery and experiment.

Thus the nature and - significations of the signs of thezodiac and the planets, the aspects and some other parts of the groundwork of astrology, have comedown to us from times immemorial; but the methods of computing the periods, the exact tunes of events,together with some methods of interpretation, are of modem or comparatively recent Origin. Of course,all that is known of Neptune and Uranus is the result of modern discovery. The subject before us can be divided into three parts The alphabet.

‘Trick’, ‘Manipulation’ and ‘Farce’: Albert Moll’s Critique of Occultism

The reading. Time measures. Stated in theorder of their distances from the earth they are as follows :- The Moon, which returns to the same place in the zodiac in about 27 days, and to its conjunction withthe Sun in about 29 days. Every 19 years the New Moons fall in the same part of the zodiac. AMO Astrology - Section1 Chapter 1 Venus, which returns to the same part of the zodiac about the same date in 8 years. It is at its nearest tothe earth when in inferior conjunction with the Sun. Its characteristic is placidity or peace. It is called bythe Greeks Aphrodite. Mercury, when in inferior conjunction with the Sun, is next in distance from the earth.

It returns to thesame longitude on the same date in 79 years. Its characteristic is activity. The Sun is the chronocrater of our system, and all time is measured by its apparent movements. It hasan apparent motion round the earth in hours and 4 minutes, and an annual motion through the zodiac in days 5 hours 48 minutes 49 seconds. The earth is nearer the sun than it used. Its characteristic isenergy. It iscalled the Greater Infortune. Its characteristic is privation. Uranus has a synodic period of 84 years.

Its characteristic is disruption. Neptune has a period of about years and its characteristic is chaos. The periods of the planets according to the Chaldeans are - 4 years, 10 years, 8 years, 19 years, 15 years, 12 years, and 30 years. Thus the rules the life from birth to 4 years of age and is succeeded by up to 14, then to the age of 22,followed by the Sun from 22 to 41, to which succeeds until 56, and is followed by , who rulesthe life up to the age of 68, the last 30 years, up to the age of 98, being dominated by Saturn.

Planetary Colours. Planetary Numbers. The following numbers transmitted by John Heydon in the sixteenth century have been proved correct:- 8, 3, 9, 6, 5; negative 4, positive 1. Planetary Metals. The atomic weights of the ancient metals are not presumed to have been known to the ancientastrologers, yet we find they named the planets and ascribed their dominions in the mineral world inexact accordance with the facts of modern science. The atomic weights of the various pure metals knownto them are contained in the following glyph :-This seven-pointed star is read from the ray marked towards the left.

The result is - iron, atomic weight 56; copper " 63; silver " ; tin " ; gold " ; quicksilver " ; lead " Read alternately in the reverse order we have ruling Sunday, " Monday, If we read from point to point so as to make a heptagram or seven-pointed star, or a star of seven angles,we have the order of the planets according to the Chaldean system: , , , , , ,. The following glyph see page 9 exhibits at a glance the sympathies and antipathies of the planets-Thus Saturn is opposed to the Sun and Moon, Jupiter to Mercury, and Venus to Mars. This is exhibited in detail by reference to the Dominionsof the planets, which are set forth in the following schedule - governs and opposed to governing and governing governs and opposed to governing and governs and AMO Astrology - Section1 Chapter 1 opposed to governing andThe "Dominions" are sometimes called "Houses" from domus, a house, but as other divisions of theheavens are so called, I prefer to use the term "dominions" to describe the signs of the zodiac ruled overby the planets.

In a general sense, and having regard to the specific nature of each planet, Saturn is in sympathy withMars, Mars with the Sun, Jupiter with the Moon and Venus; while Mercury is variable, taking its radicaltincture from that planet to which it is in closest aspect at birth. The following figure shows at a glance the signs owned or ruled by the planets and the luminaries :- Neptune is found to haveaffinity with the sign , Pisces, and Uranus with , Aquarius; but these are modern empiricismsand for some time must be received with caution.

In practical astrology we find this dictum to be true. Thus the aspect, or angular distance between twocelestial bodies, or points of the zodiac, is the means by which we determine whether a planet favoursour fortunes or the reverse. It serves, however,to turn the scales when the influences are conflicting. To these are added the conjunctions of , , and , together with when in bad aspect to anotherbody; for is the interpreter of the gods, and brings to us the message of that sphere with which it isfound in association at any time we may consult the heavens.

The astrological aspects are found to be those angles at which the superior metals crystallize. Again, the angles or complemental angles of any regular polygon whichmay be inscribed in a circle will be found to be comprehended by the astrological aspects. Thus ourearliest progenitors are found to have been both metallurgists and geometers. The evil aspects are all included in this ancient glyph :-and similarly the good aspects are included in the following symbol, known as "the seal of Solomon" :- It forms the basis of interpretation to the oldestbook in the world, known as the Yih King, or Book of Transformations.

It is used by the Chinese for allpurposes of divination, and is the basis of their astrological system. Besides these there are many other points of interest vested in the astrological aspects, and as I shall haveoccasion to refer to them in the next chapter of this section, 1 will pass them for the moment. In the zodiacal scroll the gifted interpreter of symbols willfind the history of the human race already depicted. The typical forms represent various stages of humanevolution, as well individual as racial.

But we are not now concerned with these esoteric matters, butrather with the exposition of astrological principles. Observe, then, that the zodiac is composed ofasterisms which, in the year 25, B. The line traversed by the sun in its annual path through the asterisms is called The Ecliptic. They have the following relationships and groupings :- is opposed by is opposed by is opposed by is opposed by is opposed by is opposed byThe Elemental Natures of the signs, with their human correspondences, are shown in the followingtabular scheme:- The majority of the planets being in the Fire signs, shows that the life is expressed chiefly in theinspirational, aspirational and intuitive faculties.

In Air signs, the intellectual life will be dominant. InWater signs the passional, emotional and imaginative qualities are more pronounced; while if themajority of the planets are in Earth signs, the more material, matter-of-fact and sordid aspects of thenature absorb the vital powers. These groups are otherwise known as the igneous, gaseous, fluidic andmineral, analogous to the upward evolution of the material universe, which is counterbalanced by thedownward involution of the corresponding immaterial principles.

The analysis of the sign groupings shows that the and signs are related to the formless orsuperior universe, while the and signs relate to the inferior or formative world. Again, it will benoticed the air and fire are mutually conformable, ignition depending on atmosphere; while similarlywater is necessary to the earth for its fertilization.

These sets of signs are in mutual sextile to one another. Thus to and to and to and to andThe Constitutional Natures of the signs are derived from another grouping.

They are known as the Fixed or Basic; They may very appropriately be expressed as the acute , the grave and the circumflex. The grouping for this division of the signs is thus:- Acute, Grave, Circumflex,When the majority of the planets are found at the birth of a person to be inFixed Signs - the nature will be independent, self-reliant, pivotal, self-centred, original, cautious, firmand steadfast. Common Signs.

Movable Signs. The driving power is represented by the fixed signs, the sharp instrument by the cardinal or acute signs,and the body that is riven or shaped is denoted by the common or flexed signs. The thinkers, philosophers, inventors and originators are of the basic or fixed type. The pioneers, theexecutive, the partisans and zealots are of the acute or cardinal type. The common populace, the passivecrowd; the numerous agents, fetchers and carriers of business; and whomsoever works at the directionand under the leadership of others, all and sundry are of the flexed type.

The hand of the archer is fixed, the arrow is direct and acute, and the bow is flexed. Thesecorrespondences are the keys to the interpretation of many occult mysteries. Sex of Signs. The signs are alternately male and female, namely :- These are related to the superior,middle and lower regions of the zones governed by them, or to which they correspond.

The ancients hada conception of the macrocosm under the image of a man, which they called the Grand Man or AdamKadmon, and to which the microcosm or individual corresponded more or less perfectly at all points. Thezones of the body covered by the signs are, in this scheme, as follows :- the head; the loins; the neck; the excretors; the arms; the thighs; the breast; the knees; the heart; the shins; the bowels; the feet.

As to whether it be upon the right or left side of the body will depend on the location ofthe planet in the heavens, which involves a knowledge of the Houses. These are dealt with in the nextchapter. If in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th House, the left side in a male and the right side in a female isdenoted; and mutatis mutandis if in one of the other Houses.

This example willdoubtless serve for all others. The signs are also said to have dominion over certain places and countries, but as these do not form an The signs, however, have an affinity with those elements to which they belong in the elemental grouping,and this with be found of practical use in the interpretation of horoscopes.

The Arabians gave them specificnames and influences. Modern astrologers have for the most part given them little attention. Yet they areat the root of the Oriental system of astrology, and are by them known as the Stations of the Moon, ornakshatrams. They have analogy with the diurnal motion of the Moon. The Moon changes its signification as it goes fromone to another Mansion.

The Hindus ascribe a specific planetaryinfluence to each of them, and give to each a period of dominion over the life. The student will do well to consult also the system which divides the zodiac into 28 parts, each quadrantbeing subject to a sevenfold division. An imaginary circle drawn throughthese three points and continued round the earth is called the Prime Vertical. An equal division of thiscircle into 12 parts gives rise to what are called the Twelve Houses. They are numbered, for purposes ofreference, from the east horizon below the earth to the west horizon, and thence through the zenith to theeast horizon again.

The diagram on the next page will perhaps convey the idea better than words. The horizon east forms the cusp of the 1st House, the upper meridian forms the cusp of the 10th House,the west horizon forms the cusp of the 7th House, and the lower meridian that of the 4th House. The 1st and 7th Houses are also called the "Ascendant" and "Descendant" respectively. The 1st, 10th, 4th and 7th are called the Angles. The 2nd, 11th, 5th and 8th are called Succeedent. The 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th are called Cadent Houses.

Planets in the Angles of a horoscope are by that position rendered more powerful in their action and aremore conspicuous in the life of one born when they are so placed. Many planets in Cadent Many planets in SucceedentHouses are an indication of a career that is helped by persistent endeavour. Thus the angular Houses correspond with the cardinal signs, the succeedent with the fixed signs, and thecadent with the flexed signs; and this correspondence may be traced throughout the circle, with the1st House, with the 2nd, with the 3rd, and so on.

Of these, among the Individual group, the 1st is external and relates to the person or body of the man; the5th is intermediate and has relation to the psychic nature or soul; and the 9th is internal and is related tothe spiritual nature or individuality. Hence all the Houses are either physical 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th ,psychic 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th , or spiritual 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th. AMO Section 1 Chapter 4The close study of these intimate relationships of the Houses and their correspondence with the signs ofthe zodiac is the most profound work of the astrologer.

It is the foundation of the whole art of correctforeknowledge.

The 2nd House governs the personal property, money in hand, personal effects. The 3rd House rules the personal relations, the tie of consanguinity, brothers and sisters; also means ofcommunication, whether by vehicle, letter post, telegraph or other means whatsoever. It denotes cables,bridges, telegraph wires, viaducts and other means of connection; writings, letters. The 4th House governs the end of the physical life, the grave; material products, mines, farming produce;land, houses, freeholds, leases, tenancies and hence landlords. The 5th House is the extension of the 1st and governs the psychic nature; progeny; passions, pleasures,love affairs; hence theatres, places of amusement, sport, etc.

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The 6th House. The 7th House is an extension of the 3rd; it governs the tie of conjugality, the marriage partner; personsin contract; rivals as opposing the 1st House. The 8th House is an extension of the 4th; it governs the dissolution of the vital forces; death, mattersrelating to the dead; wills, legacies, etc. The 9th House is an extension of the 5th; it governs the spiritual nature; "the far-off land," whether it bethat across the ocean or beyond the veil, teleological subjects, theology, philosophy; publications; thelaw, lawyers; insurances; dreams, visions and other-world experiences.

The 10th House is an extension of the 6th; it denotes the ambitions, success, attainments of the subject; AMO Section 1 Chapter 4honour, credit, public esteem; the father or mother. The 10th is always of the same sex as the 1st, and ina female horoscope denotes the mother. The 11th House is an extension of the 7th, and denotes the tie of friendship; congeners; associates;syndicates, companies, leagues, clubs, associations of which the subject is a member; his confederatesand supporters. The 12th House is an extension of the 8th, and denotes privation, confinement, restraint; the hospital,prison or other place of detention; sequestration, exile; ambushes, plots, secret enemies; the occult.

It will be seen that many other interpretations apply to the House by reflection. The 10th being the father and the 4th the mother in a male horoscope , the 7th is the maternalgrandfather and the 1st the maternal grandmother. Similarly withall those relations which "a man may not marry," as expounded in the Book of Common Prayer. We have now before us the whole of the alphabet of astrology, and may now proceed to frame ahoroscope and read it by the language of the heavens. It is important that the whole of the planetarynatures should be learned, together with those of the signs and the significations of the Houses, beforethe next step is taken.

When the alphabet has become a language, that language may be interpreted. Untilthen we are faced only by dead symbols. It is of first importance to understand clearly what is meant by "birth" in the astrological sense. The moment of birth is that at which the first breath, usuallyaccompanied by a cry, is taken and followed by regular breathing. For it should be noted that aspasmodic breath, followed by a cry, may be only the first of a series of intermittent breathings, regularbreathing being established only after a considerable interval.

The beginning of regular breathing having been noted, the astrologer may thereafter draw a correcthoroscope of the birth. This horoscope, which shows the relative positions of the celestial bodies at thetime of the nativity as regards one another, and their positions as seen from the place of birth, is calledthe RADIX.

It is the root from which springs the whole tree of life. It represents the environment of thenew life, the conditions under which the incoming soul will be required to express itself, develop itspowers, and gain its new load of experience. That which, as environment, presses it most closely, is the physical body with all its hereditarytendencies and acquired habits.

Beyond this there are the wills of other units of life, all striving towardsthe satisfaction of common human needs, and spurred by individual ambitions. The horoscope of birth isin this sense accidental and not incidental, and cannot be consulted in any matter prior to the act of birth,nor in regard to the essential nature, origin, power and motive of the soul. There is a system of horoscopy which claims to go deeper, and to concern itself wholly with theevolution of the soul and its migrations; but this has no part in my present scheme and may beconveniently ignored.

An Ephemeris is an astronomical calendar showing the positions of the celestial bodies at noon each daythroughout the year. This information is extracted from the Nautical Almanac or the French Some of these terms need explanation to the lay reader. Geocentric longitude is the position of a body in the ecliptic as seen from the centre of the earth. Heliocentric longitude, from which geocentric longitude is converted, is the ecliptic position as seenfrom the Sun. In astrology we use the geocentric longitudes because we are considering the action of theplanets upon the earth and its inhabitants.

If we lived on Mars we should have to take the positions asseen from Mars. The ignorant contention that the discovery of the heliocentricity of the systeminvalidates astrology is of course without rational foundation. Declination is distance from the equator north or south. It corresponds to geographical latitude. The lineapparently traversed by a star or planet in its diurnal passage round the earth is called the "parallel ofdeclination.

The Tables show the points of the ecliptic cut by the cusps of the Houses; thus the cusp of the10th House is the same as the meridian of longitude, and the point of the ecliptic thereon, at the time forwhich the calculation is made, will be that which is on the meridian and culminating. Local time is the time corresponding to Greenwich time at any moment. The correction to be applied toGreenwich time in order to find the local time is 4 mins. Ifeast, add to Greenwich time; if west, subtract from Greenwich time in order to get the local time. With the ephemeris in hand, turn now to the date of the birth.

Against this date, in the left-hand column, you will find the sidereal time at noon. To this sidereal time add the "local time" elapsed since the preceding noon, together with an equation atthe rate of 10 secs. The sum will be the sidereal time on the midheaven at the time of birth. Againstit, under the column marked 10 10th House , you will find the degree of the ecliptic which is on themeridian. This is technically called the "midheaven.

In the next column that which is on the cusp of the12th House. In the next column, marked "Ascendant" or "Asc. The 4th House will hold the same degree of the opposite sign to that which is on the 10th cusp. The 5thcusp holds the opposite to the 11th, and the 6th the opposite to the 12th, and so on to the 7th, 8th and 9thcusps. The "skeleton" figure is then complete. The places being given for eachday at noon, the longitudes can readily be found by proportion for any intermediate hour.

For the purpose of illustration we may take the horoscope of King George V. The King was born on the3rd of June, , in London, at 1 hr. In the ephemeris for we find against the 2nd ofJune, at noon preceding the birth - H. The Sun is thensemisquare Mars. It is to be observed that the groupings of the Signs already given in Chap.

II will be of much use in thecomputation of the aspects, for all signs of the same Elemental nature are in trine to one another; those ofthe same Constitutional nature are in square aspect to one another. Any form of horoscopical figure may be used, and each has its advantages. That given above dispenseswith the circle and consists of a series of straight lines, representing the celestial sphere on a Mercatorialprojection.

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The Tables of Houses used must be those for the latitude of Berlin. In all cases the Midheaven is calculated for local time, and the Tables for the Houses must be those dueto the latitude of the place. Then add 12 hours to the sidereal time on the Midheaven, refer to the tables for the correspondingNorth latitude, and take the opposite signs to those found on the cusps of the Houses, retaining, however,the same degrees.

As thelatitude is south we must add 12 hrs. Then complete the circle by inserting the same degrees ofthe opposite signs on the remaining cusps. The places of the celestial bodies are then calculated for theGreenwich time corresponding to the local time of the place of birth. The student who finds any difficulty in following these instructions will probably be better guided bycarefully following some of the many examples published in the text-books, manuals and guides, whichare very plentiful and moderate in price.

The degrees on the cusps of the otherHouses may conveniently, and indeed rationally, be allotted by dividing the entire degrees contained ineach quadrant by three and adding the result to the degree on the Midheaven, or the Ascendant,according to quadrant involved. This is the method I myself use in practice.

The rising sign. The sign occupied by its ruler. Planets in the rising sign. Those planets in exact aspect to the rising degree. Note that Saturn rising makes the complexion darker and the face thinner. Jupiter rising gives a fullerhabit. Mars rising disposes to more colour or ruddiness and increases the stature. Thus a child born on the7th of July, , at TheSun rising gives a fair complexion but often freckled or sunburnt in appearance.

Venus gives a beautifuland florid type. Mercury gives an alert look, with rather small, wizened features. The Moon givesfullness and disposes to lymphatic pallor. Mars rising generally gives a red mark, scar, cut or mole uponthe face. Chaucer the poet, who was born with the rising of Mars in Taurus, says of himself: "Yet have IMartes mark upon my face. This is so generally thecase that I have frequently used these marks successfully in planning a horoscope where the time of birthwas in doubt.

Neptune rising usually gives blue eyes, with a mystical expression. When this is absent, the deportmentis often limp and the expression drowsy and dazed.