Materials and infrastructures, 1

Center for Sustainable Engineering of Geological and Infrastructure Materials
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We innovate and advance the state-of-the-art of traditional infrastructure materials and also research the creation of new, sustainable materials.

We examine materials on multiples scales, ranging from chemical and microstructural examinations to full-scale field testing. Faculty in Infrastructure Materials Engineering.

Infrastructure Materials Engineering graduate program. Cockrell School of Engineering. Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering.

The second scenario blue lines , on the contrary, shows a situation in which the probability of failure is reduced through appropriate structural retrofitting. As a consequence the service lifetime of the structure is increased, but the magnitude of such increase is directly related to reduction of probability of failure, which, in turn, depends on the extent, and consequently the cost, of the performed retrofitting. Multiple retrofitting scenarios can be of course envisioned during the service lifetime of the structure with the understanding, however, that subsequent repairs do require increasing resources for achieving the same reduction in the probability of failure.

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For this reason, owners necessitate of a quantitative characterization of all these requirements so that they can find an optimal solution to their management and maintenance goals. At any given time, there are two aspects that contribute to the estimation of the remaining service life of a structure: 1 the assessment of the current probability of failure, and 2 the prediction of the evolution of the probability of failure in the future and, in particular, the prediction of the time needed for the structure to reach some predetermined values of the probability of failure associated with the need of retrofitting or replacement.

The latter corresponds to the service life of the structure. While, in the current practice, the combination of current destructive and nondestrutive evaluation technologies provide a robust procedure for the assessment of the status quo from a qualitatively point of view, a quantitative accurate assessment of the current probability of failure is still hampered by the lack of a comprehensive framework able to link destructive and nondestructive measurements to the fundamental deterioration and failure mechanisms of the material.

Center for Sustainable Engineering of Geological and Infrastructure Materials

This is even more an issue when the evaluation is solely based on nondestructive evaluation as required by the fact that destructive evaluations tend to be too invasive and too expensive to be performed on a regular basis. The overarching goal of our center research program is to develop the missing computational technologies that will enable the calculation of the probability of failure and the remaining service life of infrastructures on the basis of NDE measurements. A Virtual Concrete Infrastructure Simulator will be built to interpret NDE data based on nonlinear wave mixing technologies through the use of accurate meso-mechanical models for concrete aging and deterioration.

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