SQL Server CE Database Development with the .NET Compact Framework

Creating a Microsoft SQL Server CE Database
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It is a very similar decision to release WPF without a datagrid control for a couple of years - result - no one used it. Please remove the artificial file size limitation, other wise it is not suited for production and no one will use it. Would you like to expand on it a little? Scott, This sounds really interesting and exciting. One quick question, I'm assuming in order to make schema updates to an embedded database one will need to stop the website to unlock the db file, then download it and make changes locally.

Is this correct? Quick technical question, will we be able to use the ADO. NET classes from the System. SqlClient namespace or would we need to switch to objects from System. The biggest for me is the lack of backwards compatibility or even ability to detect what version a database file is. It seemed like the only thing we could do is try to open the file, and if it failed try to upgrade the file and reopen it.

Through special ADO. If so, that about what easy migration to SQL Server do you talk? We have to change all ado. Net features will be applied. Thanks, Thani.

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This is really cool news!!! Thanks Scott. Hello, I have a few questions: 1 - Does this support file stream?

How to use sql server compact in c#

Thanks, Miguel. You are starting to read our minds. My only wish is that this was available years ago. Great news though. I'm looking forward to trying it out! Since it's in-memory, does that mean no external processes could access it at least, without adding your own bridge? SQLite by comparison does a pretty good job of dealing with multiple processes reading and writing to it, so I'm assuming this is taken care of already - for instance, a normal asp. How do the multiple processes coordinate?

Has the issue with WinMobile where the application must open the database twice been resolved. I have several client only WinMobile apps with a custom data layer class that open the file twice. NET Membership but no stored procedures probably kills that until somebody can rewrite the need to stored procedures to install and run Membership. I was waiting for this for long. Please ship a provider for ASP. So the fact it works in shared hosting is a feature of.

Net 4, nothing to do with medium trust compliance? Scott, That's very exciting. What about performance?

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It should be faster than working with XML, however how much memory does it consume? I hope not much, so that it can work smoothly in a shared hosting environment.

I don't get this Why is Microsoft all the time trying to be better than open-source. In long term perspective it's very harmful for. Why not instead fork Sqlite or port it to.

A Simple Guide to SQL Compact 4

Net is already one of worst community supported technologies, looking at numbers of users and such Microsoft initiatives make it even worse. What is happening? Regarding Azure - this is not viable for Azure at all - as soon as the role is cycled disk contents are gone. Someone mentioned using this to write to X:Drive - that seems like a really, really bad idea. For Azure, you'll either want to go with a non-relational solution blobs, tables or pay for SQL Azure - it's not that expensive. What about linq-to-sql support: It worked fine with SqlCE 3.

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Go on, you know it makes sense! This is great! Now I can support my little non-profit educational websites without having to store data in XML files. The upgrade path should be easy when needed, but the startup time will be much faster. Good stuff but there are quite a few things that are missing and we have all been waiting for!

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SQL Server CE Database Development with lahocybu.ga Compact Framework is the only book of its kind for developers wishing to examine in detail all aspects of. SQL Server CE Database Development with lahocybu.ga Compact Framework [Rob Tiffany] on lahocybu.ga *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Author Tiffany.

Can I ask you to include some things on this new version? This could be the best thing lince sliced bread! Ever since MSAccess somehow became a no-no for web deployment scenarios, I've been hoping for another option. Can't wait! Any news on VS It'd sure be nice to have that--we L2S users are feeling a bit left out. Red-headed stepchildren and all ;-. A lot of problems occured while working on it, esspecially the problem where the server was not able of sending back data on manipulations, e.

Is this fixed? You cannot write directly on the disk, but writing to a file in a document library could bypass the security constraint. That means that the data has to be saved in a file reachable only by its url. This is great news! I can't believe this VistaDB thing I bought is going to be useless now that their product activation servers are going down.

Is there a way to use 4. I downloaded and installed CE 4. I checked in VS and dont see it listed in the database explorer. I've been using it since the windows mobile only days, and recently had triedd using it in a winforms app using EF I would just like to add another vote for using this with Silverlight and WP7. Ideas are already starting to appear in my head. This is possible with VistaDB, which is discontinued as of 1th August , so I am looking for alternatives. Thanks Uwe.

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I think this will be very popular solution for ASP. See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. Published on Jul 6, Introduction to.

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The program is base on. Net Framework, so before being able to use the stand alone program, your PC need to have. Net Framework prior install. Up-to-Date, there have two version available where you can download it from their official website at www. NET Framework 4. If you got error while linking to sample database similar like "the required DbProvider registration is not present" or "Unable to find Requested.